Why Did We Pick These Destinations?

A lot of thought went into the decisions for our locations. First and foremost, Laurian cities had to be relevant; places the community travels to on a regular basis. We looked at cities that attract the overlapping circles of tech, finance, sports, entertainment, and digital media, as they are the key cities we find ourselves […]

Why Did We Start a Private Residence Club?

Alan Watts was famously quoted as saying “The essential principle of business, of occupation in the world, is this: Figure out some way in which you get paid for playing.”  You may see that quote a few times, as it was the spark for Laurian Club and continues to inspire our mission. We wanted to […]

Shared Ownership Real Estate Primer

Shared ownership is a common means for a group of individuals to acquire an expensive asset like a home, plane, or yacht. Investors own a percentage share of the asset and share financial responsibility for its carrying costs, maintenance, and use expenses.  Shared ownership in residential real estate can be broken down into 3 models: […]

What is a Real Estate Syndicate?

A real estate syndicate is a group of investors who pool their capital to buy or build property. Combined, they have more buying power and more flexibility to make deals. Syndicates are most commonly structured as special purpose entities, such as limited partnerships (“LPs”) or limited liability companies (“LLCs”), organized and managed by a Sponsor […]